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Burger night on Thursday

Burger night is Thursday nights. Dinner will be served around 6 PM. For the low low price of $5 you get a flame broiled burger (cheese optional) all the fixings, chips, drink and a cookie. Best deal in town. Dress casual.

Bring a plane and you can even fly if you want or talk to Johnny about joining his combat team! Outdoor seating is available and highly recommended.
Thank you, Bon Jour


Club Airfield Safety Rules

(North is assumed to be in the direction toward the houses across from the runway 90 degrees to the runway)

  • We will not deliberately fly over the houses to the North.
  • We will not deliberately fly on the other side of CO 180 (over ultra-light field).
  • We will not deliberately fly South of our Safety Line (South edge of runway). There is an exception to this in the case of making a left turn from the East or using the open area West of the canopy area. Under no circumstances should the airplane cross CO 180 or fly over the clubhouse, spectator area, pit area or canopy area.
  • We will not deliberately fly over the tree line along our South property line.
  • The attached field layout which was distributed some time back reflects the above restrictions on overfly areas.