Have any planes you want to get rid of?  Dig out that closet full of old airplanes and pick out the one you dislike the most, bring it to the field and join us for some combat.  so far there are four of us ready to go and others have expressed an interest in putting something together.  The rules are:  there are no rules.    so far we’ve had about 6 contests with one ribbon cut, one mid air and 4 contests that the ground won.  John cut my ribbon..  David got me with a mid air and all three of us have tried the old kamikaze dive without much success although we did make some popcorn.   Plan is to meet at the field Saturday morning and try to fly about 10.   so far we have Johnny Pearce, David Deaton, John Hall, John Desmond and anyone else ready to go.   Free glue and filament tape for instant repairs.  winner gets bragging rights and second place gets a free cup of coffee.

Johnny claims victory John and Co-pilot David lose another battle Anyone have any CA??

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