Update on Virus guidelines at field

I am sure everyone is aware of the current policies and guidelines on protecting each other from the risk of the Coronavirus. Below are additional actions we are suggesting be taken at the field in addition to the “Social Distancing” guidelines which include maintaining a physical distance of at least 6 feet away from each other, handwashing with soap for at least 20 seconds, etc.: 

• We will temporarily remove the “Visitors Welcome” sign at the gate. All we are trying to do is reduce the risk of non AMA members on the property during this period. 

• We are asking that you refrain from bringing visitors to the field with you unless they are also AMA members. I realize we have invited NASA RC members to use our field and we are not changing this invite but by way of copying this email to NASA RC we are asking them to follow our guidelines.

• We are requesting members bring sanitizing spray or spray bottles with them to sanitize surfaces they use. A simple solution can be made from a mix of one cup of bleach to one gallon of water. We are asking any member using the tables to please spray their table prior to use and prior to leaving.

•Please limit the use of the clubhouse and limit the number of people in the clubhouse to 2 at a time. If you use any items in the clubhouse like coffee pot, table, refrigerator, simulator, etc. please wipe them with sanitizer wipes when finished including door handles, etc. We realize this could be a pain but an alternate solution would be simply don’t use the clubhouse.

We appreciate your cooperation and we are all hoping this will be over soon.

Take care and hope you and your family stay safe…Benny