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Flu Information

Some Good Advice from Member Tom Youens

Many already know this, but it might be worth while to pass this on to the members.

This years flu is already near epidemic proportions.  Although the vaccine is still worth while, the most dangerous strain has unfortunately mutated and is not covered by the vaccine.  There has already been many deaths in those over 65.  To me this means staying away from crowds as much as possible, as well as taking the flu vaccine.  You should also stay away from people if you have flu symptoms.

You can usually tell the flu from a cold by fever.  Colds do not usually cause elevated temperature, so if you have fever there is a high probability that it is the flu.  An antiviral (Tamiflu) is available and helps if taken early.  It’simportant to go to the doctor immediately if you have fever along with cold like symptoms.