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Alvin RC 40th Anniversary

Greetings to all club members
Saturday, June 13, 2015 has been desiginated as the 40th anniversary of the existence of our club.  The club was organized in the summer of 1975 with 13 members and applied for AMA club status. AMA accepted us and assigned #1307 as our AMA club #.
This will be a family day, so come and enjoy a club sponsored BBQ.  Brisket and potato salad will be furnished by club. We are asking members to bring side dishes of their choice.  Here are some suggestions; beans,salads, fruit, deviled eggs, bread, rolls and desserts.  We will serve lunch between 12:30 and 1:00 pm.  Bring your chairs and shade for your convenience.
Planned events are as follows,
Picture display showing the evolution of our club as members have donated time, money and effort up till present time.
Candy drop from RC plane for children.
Free floating ballon bust, try your luck.
Cut the toilet paper drop from RC plane
Pictures taken of new 40th year banner with members holding it.
Possible fly-by from Bruce Bohannon with his full scale airplane..
Come and bring your planes and helicopters and fill our skies with this wonderful hobby
See you there,  Anniversary coordinator  Phil Vance

2015 Dues

Well fellow flyer, first comes the IRS and then comes your club treasurer with his hand out.  It’s that time again for renewal of club dues.  $150 cash or check made out to “Alvin RC Club.”  You may send it to Alvin RC Club, PO Box 30, Alvin, TX 77512 or place it in the box.  I’ll get your new card to you. It’s gold this year (but not worth any more than last year’s.)

Thanks, Grady

National Model Aviation Day

AMA has selected August 15 for the National Model Aviation Day. We are in the process of planning for that day. Model Aviation Day is  a day that all AMA sanctioned clubs that can will hold a flying event that will give AMA members a great day of flying and friendship and encourage the general public to come out and see what model aviation is all about. Much of the proceeds will go to Support of Wounded Warrior Project.

In 2014 the model aviation community donated $100,000 to the Wounded Warrior Project

More information on the day can be seen at the Model Aviation Day website.