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Burger night now on Fridays

Starting this week Burger night will change from Wednesday nights to Friday nights. Dinner will be served on Friday 7/31 at 5:30 pm instead of the usual 6:00 pm. For the low low price of $5 you get a flame broiled burger (cheese optional) all the fixins, chips, drink and a cookie. Best deal in town. Dress casual. Valet parking no longer available due to COVID-19. Free entertainment.

Bring a plane and you can even fly if you want or talk to Johnny about joining his combat team! Outdoor seating is available and highly recommended.
Thank you, Bon Jour Mark

Update on Virus guidelines at field

I am sure everyone is aware of the current policies and guidelines on protecting each other from the risk of the Coronavirus. Below are additional actions we are suggesting be taken at the field in addition to the “Social Distancing” guidelines which include maintaining a physical distance of at least 6 feet away from each other, handwashing with soap for at least 20 seconds, etc.: 

• We will temporarily remove the “Visitors Welcome” sign at the gate. All we are trying to do is reduce the risk of non AMA members on the property during this period. 

• We are asking that you refrain from bringing visitors to the field with you unless they are also AMA members. I realize we have invited NASA RC members to use our field and we are not changing this invite but by way of copying this email to NASA RC we are asking them to follow our guidelines.

• We are requesting members bring sanitizing spray or spray bottles with them to sanitize surfaces they use. A simple solution can be made from a mix of one cup of bleach to one gallon of water. We are asking any member using the tables to please spray their table prior to use and prior to leaving.

•Please limit the use of the clubhouse and limit the number of people in the clubhouse to 2 at a time. If you use any items in the clubhouse like coffee pot, table, refrigerator, simulator, etc. please wipe them with sanitizer wipes when finished including door handles, etc. We realize this could be a pain but an alternate solution would be simply don’t use the clubhouse.

We appreciate your cooperation and we are all hoping this will be over soon.

Take care and hope you and your family stay safe…Benny

Wednesday Night Dinner At the Field

Don’t forget …Wednesday night 4/1/2020 (no joke) dinner will be served at the field! Come out and enjoy the cool breezes of spring as we dine in the great outdoors overlooking the Phil Vance Air Field which will have just been freshly mowed by Pat hand his mower team.. This weeks menu will consists of Bigger Better Burgers with ALL the fixins, potato chips, drink and Chocolate Chip Cookies for desert Umm Umm good!. All this for the low low price of only $5. Dinner will be served promptly at 6:00 pm . Come early to get a good seat. Free parking (valet parking available upon request). Dress (PLEASE). Flying begins whenever …. ’till whenever……and watch another spectacular DOG FIGHT!!!!!

See at the field Bon Apateeto! Mark

January 25th Meeting

This is a reminder that our first meeting in 2020 will be Saturday January 25th at 9AM in the clubhouse. New for 2020:

  • Quarterly meetings instead of monthly.
  • Gene will be cooking full breakfast between 7:30AM and 8:45AM for $5.
  • Come see the unbelievable job of cleaning our kitchen and griddle that Gene and several members have done – you won’t believe it!
  • Rumor going around that there could be door prizes but you must come through the door and stay through the meeting to be eligible.

Hope to see you there…Benny and Tom

November Meeting Saturday 23rd

Do not forget this coming Saturday is the Alvin RC Club’s scheduled monthly meeting. There will be no meeting in December.

For those that missed out on the Silent Charity Auction held yesterday at the field, you missed the opportunity to bid on many great items and some wonderful flying weather.

I think the money raised will be very helpful for the Brazoria County needy. If you want to still donate, just drop the money in the box at the field (include a note) or give it to any officer or director.

Happy flying
Tom Johnson

June Membership Meeting

Do not forget the meeting this Saturday.  Ken White has volunteered to present the history of a model he will be donating to the AMA Museum. See the outline below..….everyone should make an effort to come see the model and hear about the flight.
RegardsTom Johnson

  The Pewter Mule
                                                            by Ken White
The presentation will be about the history and flight of a model called the Pewter Mule, built by NASA engineers in the late 70’s to continue the proof of concept for the space shuttle orbiter.  It is a rocket which carried a 1/40th rc scale model of the space shuttle.  It used 24 D-12 Estes rocket motors.  The flight took place in 1979, 40 years ago.  The rocket was found at an estate sale by me and I recognized it immediately because I was there when it flew.  I acquired the model and have been working the last few weeks getting it accepted by the AMA Museum.  I just got the email from the museum committee that it was accepted.  I plan to bring the model to the meeting to discuss it’s history for those interested.