Tim Haskins

Tim Haskins, long term member and Officer of Alvin RC Model Airplane Association (ARCMAA) passed away in June of 2016. Tim was an old fashion kind of modeler which included kit building and scratch building. He enjoyed all types and sizes of airplanes including WWI and WWII warbirds and had recently gotten into and was enjoying helicopters.

Tim was a common face at Alvin’s field and many events at other fields in the Houston area. He was known by many members of the Tim Haskinslocal RC community and was always willing to help others as an instructor or simply by providing friendly assistance when needed. Tim was President of ARCMAA for several years and was instrumental in a major expansion of the club’s clubhouse.

Tim will be missed by his friends at RC flying fields around the Houston area.

Need your help in scraping dead grass off the runway

If you have been to our field lately you should have observed the effect of using grass and weed killer on and around the runway and in the pit area to control the weeds and grass coming through the paving. The grass and weeds have been killed and we are in the process of scrapping the paving to remove the vegetation. This is an important step prior to sealing the runway to insure the sealant penetrates into the surface cracks. As you are aware the sealing work party is planned for July 23rd.

We are scraping the dead grass and weeds where they penetrate the paving and also trying to remove as much of the over growth along the edges of the runway as possible with straight edged shovels. This is a tough job and your help would be welcomed. If you are at the field any time between now and this Friday and would like to help the shovels are on the tables and you are welcome to contribute some “sweat equity”. If anyone visiting the field could spend 15 to 30 minutes doing some scraping I believe in just a few days the area will be cleared. We did some this morning and you can see where it was done and the remaining areas needing attention. There is no reason to try to pick up the waste grass and weeds as we will simply use the mowers and blower to clean up. Thanks in advance for any help you would like to contribute…Benny

Runway sealing work party – Saturday July 23rd

Special message from Benny….
Saturday July 23rd is the date of our normal monthly meeting but we have decided to put together a work party to seal the runway. Our plan is to start at day break and then how long it will take to complete the asphalt sealing will obviously be directly related to how many volunteers we have show up. As in the past the pay is not real good but the club will provide all of the water you can drink! 
There are currently no special plans or needs for the July monthly meeting so we can simply play it by ear that day if we actually have a meeting or not.
If you can be there it would be appreciated if you could let us know so we know how many to plan on. If you have any questions let us know…Thanks in advance for your help….Benny