Latest Guidelines from AMA from FAA Advocacy Meeting January 15 and 16

AMA issues and concerns discussed with FAA at the above referenced meeting:

  • Registration with the FAA is a requirement
  • Language on the FAA registration website is guidelines not regulations directed to the general public.
  • AMA members should continue to follow and abide by the AMA Safety Code.
  • AMA members can continue to use their AMA number as identification on their airplane.
  • 400 foot altitude limitation – by flying in accordance with the AMA Safety Code we can continue to fly over 400 feet provided airports within 5 miles have been notified of our activities. For info all known airports within 5 miles of Alvin have been notified.
  • UAS Registration over 55 pounds – requirements still under discussion with FAA
  • Personal information related to FAA registration – AMA is currently pressing the FAA to safeguard the security of this information.
  • Credit Card info at registration – FAA has agreed to accept gift credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard.
  • Registration by Mail (Paper Registration) – Currently paper registration forms are only available from FAA Flight Standards District Offices. AMA is working to acquire these documents which will allow AMA to send members copies upon request. If you do not have access to a computer you can get a member to help you with the registration.
  • Club owned trainers – club trainers will have the registration information from one of the Club Officers placed on the airplane.