8th Annual Worldwide Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon

I am contacting you in regard to the 8th Annual Worldwide Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon which is coming up on October 3rd and 4th! This is an appeal for you to encourage clubs and /or members of your district to participate in this event.

If you are not familiar with the Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon, it is the largest Control Line model Fun-Fly event in the World. You can read about the Fly-A-Thon in my feature article starting on page 37 in the September issue of Model Aviation (available now in the digital edition). The event is entirely run by volunteers and there are no fees or prizes!

Briefly, the Fly-A-Thon is a celebration of model aviation where pilots anywhere in the world fly some variety of the Ringmaster control line model and report their flights to an email address for tabulation into a report. The report contains a compilation of the locations and the number of flights and pilots that participated. There are no fees and no registration is involved. I have attached a file for the final report from the 2014 event to this message. It will give you an idea about participation for last year’s 7th Annual Fly-A-Thon. I have also attached files for the informational flyer in jpg, doc and PDF formats.

It would be a big help in promoting the Ringmaster Fly-A-Thon if you would email your clubs and/or members and encourage them to participate in this event. As you can see from last year’s report, quite a few AMA clubs and individuals from the US have already participated in past years. Nevertheless, it should be possible to recruit many more. You can also promote the Fly-A-Thon on your District’s WEB site and/or Facebook page.

If you would like to target just clubs that are control line and combination RC and control line, I can email you a file of such AMA clubs in your district. The file, obtained from AMA Headquarters, contains email addresses for the club contact person (in most cases).

I am the PR person for this event and will be happy to answer any questions you might have regarding the Fly-A-Thon.

John Cralley
AMA 52183
PH 309 452 7391 (cell 309 532 2497)